Wine village with Black Forest flair
In Sasbachwalden we are in the middle of it all and yet walk between two worlds. The vacation region on the western edge of the Black Forest is enchantingly situated on the ridge of the Hornisgrinde.
Between the village center and the 1164 meter high local mountain, there are 1000 meters of altitude to discover. The vacation region truly stretches towards the sky, from the picturesque half-timbered village down in the valley over the gentle hills of the vineyards past the orchards of the semi-hills and up into the unique high moorland landscape at the summit of the Hornisgrinde.
Particularly impressive are the changing seasons and the different natural play of the altitudes. While the cherry blossoms are already fragrant in the valley, the snow from the winter magic still lies above.

The same play of nature in late autumn, only in reverse. In autumn, the deciduous trees and vineyards light up in bright red and yellow, while on the Hornisgrinde the first snowflakes announce the coming winter. Or nature goes completely crazy and we have the so-called
inverse situation, above is bright sunshine and below the fog shrouds the valley. Nature just does what it wants, thank God!

From Sasbachwalden it is less than ten kilometers by car to the highest peaks of the northern Black Forest. You can’t get to the Black Forest faster, more beautiful and more diverse, no you are in the Black Forest.

In short – wine village with Black Forest flair, experience it for yourself.

Good food, casual enjoyment, beautiful ambience, cordiality, hospitality with tradition, exceptionally beautiful and air-conditioned hotel rooms: that’s what “Der Engel” stands for The small hotel & restaurant in the Black Forest wine village of Sasbachwalden is not ordinary and that’s what makes this historic house with its long family tradition special!

 Sasbachwalden is a pleasure dorado, perfect for hiking, mountain biking or cycling tours, starting point for excursions and activities in the Ortenau or the Black Forest. Special and famous cities like Freudenstadt, Baden-Baden, Strasbourg or Freiburg can be reached quickly. 

The host families Herbert Decker, his daughter Christine and her husband Christian Mamber as well as the dedicated “Engel team” take care of their guests personally! Hiking or excursion recommendations, culinary discovery tours or the friendly conversation about the experienced vacation day, the “Engel team” gladly gives you time and is there for its guests.

 Look forward to a little time out. Personal, cordial and with many heavenly delights between heaven and earth!

Schaeffler MTB Arena Sasbachwalden

With momentum and fun through the Black Forest on our flow trail.

The two trails, Alpirsbacher Schwarzwaldtrail and Pfad Zwo, of the Schaeffler MTB Arena are completely closed in January and February. Over the time in which the trail is closed, no trail maintenance or access takes place! Driving on the trail is currently no longer possible. The shuttle service is also not offered over this time.

The Schaeffler-MTB-Arena Sasbachwalden continues to take shape. The 1st section from Grashöhe to Hörchenberg, our new Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu Black Forest Trail, has been completed. The official opening was in September 2015, and since then MTB fans of all stripes have been able to discover this almost 4 km long with 550 meters of altitude flow trail for themselves. It is designed so that a ride is possible for all mountain bikers. Any passages with increased demands on the driving technique are built so that a problem-free bypassing or rolling off the obstacle is possible. In addition, the obstacles are marked accordingly. Basically, for the use of the route a safe handling of the mountain bike is useful. Who wants to avoid the altitude meters to the entrance, uses our shuttle service offers. On weekends, the public transport with bike trailer goes in the direction of the Schwarzwaldhochstraße. Exit to the trail is at the Grashöhe stop. Or you can use the shuttle on weekends at the restaurant Spinnerhof, which takes riders to the trail entrance at regular intervals.

Another highlight is our new Reserve Components Pumptrack in the middle of Sasbachwalden! As planner we could win the well-known biker Nico Vink, who created a flowy and fun pumptrack.

Over 4000 hours of work are already in the bones of the guys and gals from Bikesport e.V., who will build and maintain these tracks.

Other ideas for the project include two more extensions of the 1st section to a total of 10km and 1000 meters of altitude!!!, bike rental and test station.

We will keep you up to date.

More info about the project and the club. Bikesport e.V.

Please note that the mountain bike trails are located in agricultural and forestry areas. This means that farmers and foresters with their tractors and machines can be on the road at the crossing points of the route even on weekends.

Experience nature together – we ask for mutual consideration. Have fun our bikers and hikers in our Black Forest.

The Black Forest National Park - A Trail Wild

Sunbeams shimmering through crowns hitting the forest floor, water splashing, birds chirping. Otherwise silence.

Rest, relax, observe. Move in the fresh air. Experience the forest, experience nature. Enjoy time and space. That is national park.


The blossoming life on seemingly dead wood at the Wild Lake, the uplifting view at the Euting Grave, the touching silence in the Schönmünzachtal:

Anyone who wants to experience the wild beauty of the Black Forest National Park really needs nothing more than a bit of time and open senses to perceive nature and marvel at its uniqueness.

Guided tours and events

And yet, it is a special experience to be infected by the enthusiasm of experienced rangers and to benefit from their broad expertise.Whether you join an ornithologist on a search for the national park mascot – the pygmy owl – or let a mycologist initiate you into the secrets of primeval forest mushrooms or a professional chef into the wild herb kitchen – you can enter countless new worlds with the more than 300 guided tours, events and lectures open to the public in the 2015 annual program.

Back to nature

In the Black Forest National Park (10,062 hectares), a fascinating variety of natural images awaits you in one of Germany’s most famous forest landscapes: dark green forests cover rolling hills, interspersed with quiet moors and ice-age deep cirque lakes, which are framed by wild rock faces. On the ridges of the Black Forest, heather-like high pastures, the so-called Grinden, open up dreamlike panoramas over the green mountain tops of the Black Forest to the expanse of the Rhine plain. Already today, in the Black Forest National Park, the diversity of pristine nature and cultivated forest as well as spectacular natural events and an exciting diversity of species can be experienced up close. Many of the original areas have not been farmed for decades – in the area of the Wilden See already for more than 100 years – and were already protected as nature reserves or Bannwälder.

Sasbachwaldener Steig

Sasbachwaldener SteigHike | difficult
17,2 km  6:35 h  1176 m  416 m

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Wilder Sasbach Weg über s'Dolle Frieder's Burewirtschaf

Hikes | medium
2,3 km  0:51 h  156 m  156 m

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Wein- & Naturlehrpfad Sasbachwalden

Theme trail | easy
4,1 km  1:12 h  99 m  99 m

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Genießerpfad - Alde Gott Panoramarunde (Premiumweg)

Hiking | medium
9,8 km  4:30 h  429 m  429 m

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Gaishöll-Wasserfälle - Die Augenblick Runde

Hikes | medium
4,9 km  1:49 h  242 m  242 m

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Hikes | easy
7,6 km  2:10 h  283 m  282 m

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